It pays to Think Independently.

Marcelo Marini, entrepreneur, financier, and author, shares his weekly thought-provoking thoughts on essential topics such as personal freedom, independent thinking, and lifestyle, that more than 20,000 readers read on 4 continents.

Marcelo's perspective is unique and engaging, and his teachings are geared toward informing and educating readers and students about uncommon topics worth knowing for your wealth, happiness, wisdom, and future.

His thought-provoking teachings seek to help individuals navigate the world with knowledge and better decision-making, not only creating wealth but essentially, living a better life. Daring to dream and achieving your full potential.

In 2015, Marcelo started writing and teaching, currently, his weekly newsletter has over 400 published editions, for readers in over 10 countries.

Learn from the Expert responsible for leading Personal Freedom and Independence to entrepreneurs in over 7 countries – in every market imaginable.

About the author.

Marcelo Marini is not a conventional entrepreneur, financier, or author. In addition to rising to the positions of director, vice-president, and member of institutional councils, he has spoken at the Organization of American States in Washington DC, USA, Uruguay, and Brazil. Marcelo also participated in courses and panels at prestigious universities, including FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas), Stanford University, and the University of Berkeley. He has launched his own business, grew, sold, and embarked on a journey of self-development. Now, his readers, clients, and students found new ways to achieve personal freedom and independence, living a happier, and less complicated life. Marcelo is a Corporate Finance M.B.A., Bacharel in Business Management, and has been studying a life-changing topic for over 10 years that he calls "The New Art of Living". Learn from the expert responsible for leading Personal Freedom, Independence, and a better lifestyle to students in over 7 countries.

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Marcelo Marini, entrepreneur, financier, and author. Founder & CEO at Ciclos Infinitos Holdings and Factual Manhattan L.L.C.